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  • 18 Boxes Per Case
  • 1 Pack Per Box
  • 6 Cards Per Pack

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Each 2023-24 Upper Deck SP Game Used Hockey Hobby Case contains 18 hobby boxes. Each box contains 1 pack with 6 cards in each pack!

BOX BREAK (on average)

  • 3 Memorabilia and/or Tech Cards
  • 2 Base Set and/or Insert Cards
  • 1 Autograph or Premium Memorabilia Card

SP Game Used Hockey is back with an abundance of event and game-used memorabilia!

  • Look for cards featuring banner (including auto & auto jersey versions), net cord and/or puck material from the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs, NHL Global Series, NHL Stadium Series, and the NHL All-Star weekend. This set also features game-used jersey swatches, patches and tags.

This year’s edition sports a 200-card Base Set consisting of star veterans and legends. Each card is serially-#’d to the player’s jersey number and some of the player’s jersey-#’d cards (e.g. 97/97) feature an autograph!

  • Collect an array of incredible parallels as well, highlighted by several autograph, memorabilia and autograph & memorabilia parallels.

Search for a new wave of Draft Day Marks cards featuring rookies #’d to 35 (per letter). Each letter sports a hard-signed autograph. Collect the full manufactured nameplate of each player in each set!

The always-popular Supreme Patches cards, featuring massive game-used patches and #’d to just 15, will be an awesome addition to any collection. Keep an eye out for equally rare Supreme Materials cards #’d to 15.

Many more of the SP Game Used insert sets fans and collectors have come to know and love are back, including Inked Sweaters, Authentic Rookies, New Grooves, A Piece of History, and Retro Renovations. These cards featuring a variety of game-used memorabilia and autograph parallels are sure to be a great addition to any collection!

NEW! 2023-24 SP Game Used Hockey also hosts exciting new insert sets:

  • Deep Cuts: This 100-card insert set features top rookies, veterans, and all-stars on a unique cut design. Lucky collectors will find the Red (#’d to 35), Tier 1 Autograph (#’d to 75), and Tier 2 Autograph (#’d to 25) parallels of this chase card.
  • SIGNED: This 30-card insert set features an impressive mix of top veteran skaters. Keep an eye out for the rare Gold (#’d to 5) parallel of this all-new set.
  • They’re Cones!: Collect more event-used memorabilia! Get closer to the action with pieces of event-used cones from the 2023 Fastest Skater competition.
  • Hall of Fame Marks: This all-new insert set features 30 legendary players who have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Collect the full manufactured nameplate of each player in each set! Every card is #’d to 35 (per letter).