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12 Spots Remaining


  • Team Select Case Break
  • 1 Case (6 Boxes) of 16/17 Upper Deck The Cup
  • Scheduled for 7PM EST Sunday, November 19th
  • View Our Live Stream – CLICK HERE
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Product Description


This break will consist of a case (6 boxes) of 16/17 Upper Deck The Cup.

This will be a Team Select break where you can purchase the team of your choice (in the drop down menu above) at a set price.

NOTE: Scheduled start time is a rough estimate. Breaks will not begin until all spots/teams have sold. If a break doesn’t sell out on the scheduled date it will be rescheduled to the following day.


We will ship out all hit cards for free via regular mail. Please contact us if you would prefer to have your cards shipped with tracking/insurance.


If there is a card with multiple teams on it, that card will be randomized on between the teams that are on the card. The team in first position after 3 randoms will receive the card.

Cards from previous teams like Joe Sakic on the Nordiques will go to the new team – Colorado, etc. All old Winnipeg Jets cards will go to the new Winnipeg Jets franchise, NOT the Coyotes. If there is no team on the card then the card will go to the NHL team the player is currently on or, if retired, the team they played most games with. If it is an Olympic/All-Star Team card then the card will go to the NHL team the player is currently on or, if retired, the team that they played the most games with.

Winning team is the one featured on the logo of the back of the card in case of players featured in a previous team jersey. If there is no indication on the back, the card will go to the logo/crest of a team who is on the front of the card.

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